Bisons Conquer Kumbharli

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Bisons before embarking on journey back to Mumbai

The first ride to Kumbharli was memorable on many aspects. One of them of course, was blessing of the flag by Lord Ganesha for which we the Bisons first headed to Siddhivinayak in Prabhadevi.

With emotions pouring from everyone’s lips, we entered the temple with Him in our hearts; and blessed the flag by placing it at his feet. We left Prabhadevi and then headed towards the Vashi bridge where Kaka, wanted to see the group off. This was after all an auspicious occasion and the very first ride that Bisons would be embarking upon.

One of many scenic haunts on route

The first ride, was memorable for one more reason. We all had the fire in our hearts, and the thump in our soul to start riding as one! Ride as Bisons; and ride like there is no tomorrow. More importantly, prove to ourselves that no matter how well we ride, we still have miles to go before we can sleep! And that can be only achieved by riding like no other, RIDING HARD!

Riding, in rain or in clouds! Its only done hard!

After Kaka wished us luck and good tidings, we left for Mahd to again bless the flag after a brief stop over at Panvel at Sri Datta Snacks where the Bisons in true rider passion gorged on all the vada pavs they could get their hands on. Our Yeda Anna was kind enough to buy more vada pavs from Datta Vada Pav bang opposite, our area of halt. We later learnt, it his favourite hang out!

After Mahd, the Bisons took the industrial route to Pali which was around 40 kms away from there. Bad roads did not deter the spirit of the Bisons and they continued their march towards Pali and get Bappa’s blessings. Bisons made a roaring entry into Pali with vehicles giving way to the true beasts on the narrow roads of small town.

How the Bisons tasted and tamed the clouds

Bisons now had a task at hand, reaching Kumbharli before dusk because the route was perilous and the rains were unsettling even for the best riders. But under the able captain ship of Major Pawan, the Bisons proceeded to hit NH17 so they could reach Chiplun and then finally take the detour to Kumbharli.

The ride was smooth till around 90 kms from Chiplun, when Gen. Singh’s bike ceased. This was a surprise for everyone since he was only clocking around 60-70 for a considerable distance to run in the re-bored 500cc standard engine. But thankfully this was near Poladpur, around 12 kms before. Dheeraj, in true Bison spirit took the responsibility towing the bike! Hence for the first time in the history of Royal Enfield, we had a 850cc Bullet on the highway! Of course the 500cc was not firing! Dheeraj, guided the bike for 12 kms in ghats, bad roads and torrential rain.

For Bisons safety comes first, always !

During this time, Major Pawan, Signals, Yeda Anna and Prashant had ridden way ahead of others and finally stopped 50 kms. They waited for around 2 and half hours for everyone else to catch up with them. Inspite of repeated insistence of others; they refused to budge from there and wanted to hang back for everyone. After some time, Kaka joined them as a good omen in troubled times; who serenaded everyone with his wisdom and good humor.

Gen. Singh, parked his bike at Om Sai Hotel, and then rode on Vikram’s bike who in true spirit willingly agreed to ride as pillion behind Dheeraj. Gen. Singh then rode on Untamed (Vikram’s bike) for the entire journey; to and fro.

Before starting the last leg of ghats to reach Kumbharli, we all took a break and Kaka decided to tail and act as guard. Like everytime, this time too the ride was nothing short of legendary. If there is one ghat that every rider worth his salt must do, its Kumbharli. Its only 40 kms but the sheer danger involved.

Bisons reached the lodge just before sun down, and were ready to party hard! After changing; they all assembled at the dining area. After a night of sharing rides, enjoying wholesome drinks including single malts and black labels they retired to sleep for the night. Some were even prepared with a tent!

The next morning, at around 5 AM, Capt. Mohanty left from Mumbai to reach Chiplun in a record 5 hours. He had come all the way to escort us back! Bisons left the scenic city of Chiplun with a thundering roar with pride in their hearts and sure to come back; and reassess their conquered territory.

On the way back, after crossing Kolad Major Pawan’s accelerator cable got cut. How it was finally fixed, after not finding a mechanic can be only described with this photograph! On how its done, you need to ride with us to learn it!

Fixing the cable

Take a closer look at the ring!

Bisons then entered the city via a lesser known route; which had no traffic and there were no problems on the way back. This was a route that both Kaka and Guri led since it was via the ghats and behind Uran. To enter this route, one has to take a detour before the Pen toll naka.

The Bisons finally stopped on Palm Beach. There were hugs all around, for a journey that has just started. Bisons had come into their own, against all odds and have proved it to themselves that this will happen and its just a matter of time before Bisons become a force unparalleled and unchallenged.

The Bisons left for their respective dens; and only to meet on the highway once again.

An image that will be with us forever! Kumbharli, we will come again!

shyamal says:

nice writeup justify!

Major says:

This is only the glimpse of Bisons…..Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost !!!
Cheers !!!

zubair says:

nice 1..i shud hv joined u guyz earlier xtreeme is yet to come.. so far … soon on RIDE

Gen says:

Bison Untamed am short of words. How do i Thank You for this noble gesture of yours?

Sharing your babe for 2 days – If this is not brotherhood then what is?


Gen says:

Bison Dheeraj: Disaster Management – towing the bike for 12 Kms

A Millioin Thanks!!!!

Gen says:

Captian Mohanty : Bison to the bone and lived by Bisons Ride Hard principles – clocking 700+ Kms in a single day

WAY TO GO !!! Captain Mohanty

deelux says:

A fitting start to a wonderful journey ahead

Joshil says:

Nice one signals… Safety comes first… 😉