We are the Bisons

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The prices of petrol
In our pockets it burns a hole

But we still put on our armored hide
and throughout the nation we ride …

In formation we travel with a brave head and tail
Who cares what the weather is we ride come rain or hail.

On two wheels we ride the bullets that made history
How are butts are intact remains the biggest mystery

We ride our monsters and get covered in dirt
We are loyal to the enfield because plastic pollutes the earth

The open highways tempt us to go very far
A bison truly knows why a dog puts his head out of the car

Together we ride
In our single cyclinder OHV’s we take pride

a breakdown or ten we never mind
As long as there is no rider left behind

Of the highways we are the sons
Cast iron, AVL or Twinspark…… We are the BISONS !!

Composed and worded by Tushar Kamath

Junior, you have captured the feeling and the spirit of the bisons… kudos.. brother…

Joshil says: