We May Not Be Blood Brothers

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A good ride is all a rider can ever dream of. Few tablespoons of Sun and dirt over night long marinated masti and some secret spices of drama fried in low-fat high cost oil – what else can make a perfect ride recipe! Similar was the ride to a Virgin Beach with fellow Bisons.

Sharing a lighter moment - Giggle Kaur and Josh

“We may not be blood brothers, but we surely are oil-brothers on roads” – Yeda Anna

I wasn’t planning on going for this ride with my bull-brothers until Friday, when my plan to ride to Chandrapur got brutally killed. Another ride is the only remedy for a failed ride, so I thought to join Bisons on Ride to Hedvi. A plea to join the troupe was sent and accepted within minutes on the confirmation that my Achtung has already been serviced.

Joshil, aka Josh, has planned this ride to a Virgin beach near Hedvi, Ratnagiri. Hedvi is a small coastal village some 50km off NH17 near a famous (and thus crowded) Guhaghar beach (a rider confirmed the beach carries significance attached to its name ;). From Panvel naka to Hedvi, it’s almost 275 km. Chiplun is a known town on NH 17, from where one needs to ride some 50 km towards west to reach Hedvi.

Like all other rides, we started gathering at Dutta Snacks, Panvel and started the ride at about 6:30 AM with 15 bullets and 17 riders. Our very own Guri paaji and First lady were in drive-mode with Giggle Kaur and not the ride-mode. I share anymore joke on it, and I know I’ll be crucified! What I especially would like to mention about this particular ride are the new riders we had. While Don had an experience of 20 bulls over 20 years, Rohan was for the first time out of Mumbai on his bull; Kapil was such a Bull enthusiast that he got his mate buy one, while Vikas took bull on loan to ride to Hedvi though had thousand miles of experience on Comet! What a gang!

We started without much delay for the ride, only to know in an hour that the Gurinder’s car had got some problem to be fixed. Discussed and decided, the horde on 13 bullets and 14 riders moved on to our first stop, Om Sai restaurant on NH17 near Poladpur. This is one of the favourite places of Bisons on highways. After satisfying the industrial appetite and having the power-nap, we were again on the road. Enjoying the curves of ghats we reached Hedvi at 5:30 PM. One may detour the NH before Chiplun towards Guhghar, but the route to Hedvi needs to be confirmed once one get on the roads sprawled across small towns and villages. Our resort was at the end of road, just before the beach. Sun was just about to dive into the Arabian Sea as we reached. So shy he was that seeing us gearing to take pictures of him diving, he disappeared from the horizon! Nevertheless, sky was still ablaze with his glory and we took a pleasant walk along the waters the evening we reached Hedvi.

Paaji and the accompanying riders took few more hours to reach the place. With the evening snacks, started the introduction time and there we came to know more about the guys who rode with us for the first time. Like Father Sheldon, who is funeral planner for Christians, who has ridden 20 bullets in last 20 years; Rohan who was off the concrete into the wild for the first time on his bull; Vikas who shares interest in photography just like me and was on a borrowed bullet for the ride; Amit who rode a Classic Desert Storm which his wife had gifted him and his Bull-experienced friend Kapil; Dr Amey who himself liked to call him Dentist not Doc and Sri Ram who skipped all the intros and was mostly shy.

Up to the same antics

Night as usual was the party time that saw few tonnes of chicken, fishes, prawns and desi-vegetarian delicacies disappearing within minutes with sips of all blends. Exciting was the taking pictures of shy moon getting eclipsed by the shadow of Earth, and then the Bulls with Headlight on.

Next morning was the time to feel the Beach. Hedvi beach is quite clean, thanks to its solitude. Though, the waters didn’t appear so clean, we couldn’t control ourselves to have fun! It’s a crescent shaped beautiful beach with mountains at both the ends.

“Rides and Bulls do matter, but what matters most is the fellow Rider I ride with” – Jay

Saddles up, breakfast done, we started the return ride at around 10:00 AM. 3 hours later, we were just 26km done as a bull broke down complaining that it hasn’t been serviced for over 3months. Lessons learnt, we were again on the road towards Mumbai. Few ‘small’ breaks here and there, we reached Panvel naka at about 11:00 PM. Thanking Josh for such a wonderfully organised ride and bidding adieu to all mates in different directions, we left for our destinations. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention a very delicate and heartfelt experience of the ride. We prayed together and asked God to be with us on our ride and thanked him after completing the ride successfully, on the initiation of Sheldon. I really felt He be along us on the ride!

Like Bisons do it!

One bit of the ride we do hope to forget is when Joshil and Amit decided that the only way they could stay awake was by honking for 15 kms straight and singing in a manner that can be best described as the most cacophonic acoustic assault (inside their helmets). Father Sheldon, please pray they get their tonsils removed soon!

Written by Punit Dubey aka Achtung

Punit, superb writing… What i would like to add is the ride back on the ghat sections, anna and myself had the ride of the lifetime… consistently doing a steady speed on the ghats…( ahem, anna, we will not disclose the speed) and catching up with the rest of you at poladpur…
Also, the slow ride back and the brotherhood shown by the biker brothers in riding with me when my thor had given way.. priceless…
what was also very gratifying was the ideas that the newbies had shared in taking the club to the next level.. Guys.. with riders like you joining in… the club can only become better than it is today.. Kudos..

Josh… awesome job done… there are no words to describe the detail that you had planned this trip and executed it with such a large number of new riders on board… congrats.. you are a captain of choice..

Brilliantly written Punit.. A ride I missed for a stupid exam but lived it now with the write-up.. There are lots that can’t be put in words, when on road with ‘oil brothers’, so I wait until the next ride…