Very Basic Check up for a bike

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Below mentioned is the basic servicing that can be performed by every one (Tools and Bike owners Manual handy) or get these things done by the service center guys or local mechanics. It is very basic and assuming the bike is pretty new approx two to three years old, for much older bike you might have to consult your mechanic..

What? Then? Remarks?
Check the Engine OIL level Check It should be at MAX level. If it’s less, top up till the MAX level
Replace the Engine OIL at every 3000 kms Replace Replacing the engine oil and OIL filter at every 3000km irrespective of quality/color of oil is a healthy practice ( )
Clean the AIR filter Clean Air filter should be replaced
Air Filter to be replaced if its physically damaged or is 1 year old Replace Air filter should be replaced
Spark Plug Cleaning Clean Clean the spark plug before every ride
Spark Plug replacement every 15000 kms Replace Replacement is a must!
Rear Wheel Chain checking for loose Tighten Tighten the chain if its loose, normally it will be loose due to off roading
Brake pads and brake linear Replace / Tighten Recommend to replace the disc pads and rear brake linear every 4000 kms. Before every ride tight the rear brake rod
Check the battery water level Check Before every ride tight the rear brake rod
Check the batter charging Check Check the battery charging capacity by taking to the battery shop, once in approx 8months
Check for any loose wires Check
Oiling all the movable parts Oil
Clutch play Check and replace Should repair the clutch if u find jerk while changing gears or while climbing ghats.
Replace all the bulbs which are non functional Replace Before every ride all the lights should be functional. It’s a must! (Tail, Brake, Signal, headlight and parking)
check for any loose nuts and screws Tighten Tighten all the loose nuts and screws so as to reduce the riding noise
Tyre check Check Before every ride check tyres for any damage and fill air as per the riding (Single / pillion)

For more help, Raj aka Corner would love to be of assistance corner(at)