Oil’s well that begins well

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They say, that the oil in your bike is like the blood in your body. The only difference, to me, is you cant choose what blood you want to run through your body.

I have never been a very technical person to go into great detail about the facets of a good oil. So when I was given the baton of leading the Bisons on their anniversary epic ride- The Red Bums, I knew, I was in trouble when I needed to choose the oil.

Google Singh helped, in confusing me further, when a friend came to my rescue. He brought in Schaeffer Oil as a sponsor for our ride and I was the recipient of 3 liters of this automotive nectar.

So I did a bit more research, cant obviously put in any old oil into Theia, can I ? turns out that the people at Schaeffer oil have been doing this for some time, since 1839 to be precise. Well having so much of experience only strengthened my resolve to try the oil out.

So one bright sunny sunday afternoon,Theia and I rode to our friendly neighbourhood mechanic- Vinod and started the oily business.

For all those who are interested , this is the 20w 50 version of the oil and is termed as a “synthetic plus ” oil. According to their website, and what ever little research I managed to find time for, I came to know that this oil uses a synthetic mixture base that is able to withstand temperatures of upwards of what our bikes should and would never reach. Also, because of its composition, it coats the engine to ensure that even with the first kick the protection kicks in. So far so good.

Vinod hemmed and hawed and based on the numbers that I read out to him declared the oil a hit.

Is mein Jhaag nahin aayega, accha -hain…what else do I need to know? Pour away.

The other recipient of an additional 3 liters was corner, our native petrol head. He has promised that he will pen his words in a more technical aspect, so I will stay away from that. But the first thing that I noticed was that there was a change in the Thump of Theia immediately after pouring the oil!

The engine was growling and the distinctive thump that used to come out of her bowels was even more distinctive. Very Nice and all the motor heads present at Vinod’s sagely nodded in appreciation.

The ride test.

Well, the servicing was completed and I decided to do my usual cross country trudge back home. BKC to Thane is 30 km obstacle course that puts to shame most rallies. The single biggest obstacle- traffic.

What better way to test the oil than the infamous mumbai traffic during rush hour. So began my journey that fateful monday evening, the world was out on the streets, or so i dubiously hoped.

BKC to Kurla- not much traffic, weaving in and out. The Engine feels smooth and there is definitely a difference in the thump – for the better.

Kurla – Sion, where are all the cars? why is there no traffic still? is it really this free or has my Oil changing changed the world. cruising smoothly on a nicely warm engine.

Sion – chembur – mystery solved. all the cars are here. standstill traffic. chock a block with cars, bikes, trucks, containers , buses, and I swear I saw a bullock cart.

For the first time in my life I smiled at the traffic, what better way to test the oil. I weaved in and out between the cars and felt something missing. The Heat !

Most bullet riders will identify the familiar warmth that they feel on their calves while riding. Its the bull’s way of letting you know, Baby, I am Hot for you. Or like most of us know, its time to give the throttle a rest. Even through the start stop and jerky traffic ride, I did not feel the all to familiar build up of the heat. That is good. very very good.

Chembur to thane ( after weaving for an hour ) – Open roads, eastern express highway, I quickly opened the throttle and was cruising effortlessly at 80 Kmph. The pick up seems to be excellent…

Thane – Parked the bike and gave the engine a once over. It was purring , begging to go for another spin.. I am loving it.. All in all , the traffic test is a pass- with distinction for Schaeffer oils.

By the way, this oil is not the cheapest that you will find in the market. A liter will set you back by 1400 Rs. On par or slightly higher than most synthetic oils. I have used other brands before, but the difference felt with this was palpable.

I cant wait to take Theia on the high way once again to test her on the long run. You will get a detailed review soon at the end of the Red Bums ride for sure. Till then, ride hard ride safe..

The good folks at Schaeffer have offered a discount of Rs. 300 on every liter of oil purchased. To avail of this offer please contact Eshan of Techno Enterprises on +91 983 310 6900

P.S to know more about the oil , here is the link… http://www.schaefferoil.com/supreme-7000-racing-oil.html