Schaeffer Oil: A review

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There is nothing better than spending a weekend with my “Bull” and a gang of avid biker friends..!! And last weekend was just that; a terrific ride from Mumbai – Lavasa on the way enjoying breathtaking views of a misty Khandala, a cool 480 kms.

But every trip has its own share of preparations and my Bull deserves no less. So when one of my biker bro got Schaeffer Oil as a sponsor for our upcoming Anniversary Ride, I was the recipient of 3 liters of this automotive fluid so thought why not try this one out??? And I do not regret this decision.

As I poured the Synthetic Oil in my Bull I noticed that the viscosity of this oil was comparatively much thinner than the existing oil; was this a good start..??

Well, I started my Saturday ride with the Schaeffer Oil coursing through the veins of my Bull and anticipation coursing through me. But today I had to share my Bull with one of the friends riding pillion. Now that’s a dilemma as will this work if there is a load on the engine thanks to my good friend??

But as I started my Bull there was no sound from the engine and a palpable difference in the initial pick up – it was very very smooth!! But now it’s time to feel some adrenaline and enjoy the cool morning breeze. As I accelerated my bike switching through various gears, I found that the Acceleration period for each gear has considerably increased.

Now comes the interesting bit, the magnificent Sahyadri Ghats!! Cornering in those Lonavla ghats, I realized that there is no drop in the performance of my Bull viz-a-viz the Mumbai roads. Also Knocking in each gear is visibly less inspite of the elevation and a pillion rider. Another Thumbs Up to the oil..!!

It’s more than 200 kms of riding until we see the majestic gates of Lavasa welcoming us in their abode. But I am more relieved, noticing the fact that there has not been any considerable heat buildup inspite of such a long ride!! My Bull has not shown any Response Drop all throughout the ride.

This oil though little expensive than the other counterparts, it definitely show cases value for money and as I mentioned earlier, My Bull deserves no less..!!This weekend ride was definitely a trip to cherish and My Bull is all set to create more memories…  So all my Biker Bro’s see you later..!!

The good folks at Schaeffer have offered a discount of Rs. 300 on every liter of oil purchased. To avail of this offer please contact Eshan of Techno Enterprises on +91 983 310 6900

Conclusion: The below result is after using oil for more than approx 2000km


Stock OIL

Schaeffer Oil

1 Morning Start Single Kick/Self Start Single Kick/Self Start
2 Engine Sound Little noisy Quite Silent
3 Initial 100Km Performance Normal Performance Normal
4 Beyond 100km Lag in performance Performance Normal
5 Nocking Percentage 60% while climbing Ghat 10% while climbing Ghat
6 Engine response Very inconsistent Optimum response all time
7 Mileage Normal Increased
8 Pickup Normal Slight increase seen

The review is by Raj aka Corner; resident CTO and Winner of Bisons’ Wrench and Spanner award for 2011- 2012

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