Forever Young – II

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It’s that festive time of the year and the world is getting ready to celebrate X’mas & the New Year’2013. Visions of Santa with his heavy bag of gifts, the galloping reindeers, rich plum cakes, that beautiful stuffed chicken / turkey, that hogs the family table……more visions of dancing & celebrating this lovely season with our loved ones, was what we were all looking forward to.



The Bisons were no different. They too wanted to spread love, peace & happiness all around, and what better way to do it than spend the entire day with the beautiful & lovely ladies at Assisi Bhavan, Goregaon.


The day : 23rd December’2012, the ride captain : the very handsome & sexy Fr. Sheldon (also doubling up as Santa this year), the meeting place : our very own BKC. This year the Bisons were joined in this Serve Ride by many new riders, who just could not help joining in this noble event. The Bisons, aged 4 to 74, with Santa leading the way, started out from BKC and headed towards Goregaon in a slow parade of blue. Sometimes ahead of the group or trailing behind, thanks to the sunday traffic, was the Bison tempo (more like Santa’s sleigh) carrying the little gifts that Santa would be handing out to all at Assisi Bhavan. Also stacked in the vehicle, was the lovely lunch (chicken & veg. biryani) that the Bisons would be partaking with the ladies at Assisi Bhavan.

Minor hiccups on the highway (Sniper’s bike refusing to start / Santa’s bike getting a flat) were quickly & efficiently dealt with & the Bisons were now merrily on their way.


On reaching our destination, the Bisons quickly parked, Santa caps were handed out to all, gifts & food transported inside and the day begun.

The Bisons had come all set to sing their way into the hearts of all at Assisi Bhavan, not knowing that the Nuns, the sisters in training & the lovely ladies had other plans for us. They took to the mike belting out carols to us, some lovely Hindi hymns and the sisters in training also did a small little dance for us praising the Lord. One of the most popular carols, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer”, had one of the ladies dressed like Rudolf and was serenading our darling Santa. She was the cutest reindeer any of us had ever seen.


The Bisons clapped loudly with a somewhat astonished look on all their faces. Here they had come all determined to spread cheer, but instead, they were now on the receiving end of all the festivities. What could we do or say, but just stand around dumbfounded by all this. Talk about the irony of life!! Carols and clapping done and since it was already their lunch time, biryani packets were quickly handed out to the ladies on the ground floor, and while they were busy tucking into same, the Bisons along with the helpful Sisters, started handing out our gifts to all the ladies and staff at the Assisi Bhavan.



So much was happening on this ride. As satisfied with seeing all the ladies on the ground floor tucking into their meals & hugging their Santa gifts, it was now time to spread some more cheer & g0130__2012_12_27ood tidings on the second floor where more beautiful ladies were waiting for us. Amidst all this, the Bisons Christmas cake had arrived & was handed over the the Sister for safe keeping for now.

More surprises awaited us on this floor. The fiesty ladies took to serenading us with old time favourite songs, and many of the Bisons joined them. Songs like YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE, MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS & KEEP YOU and Konkani songs like GOALIAN SANKLI SONIYA CHI rang through the air and there was laughter and joy on all their faces. Here too lunch was served and gifts handed out and the lovely ladies all raised their hands and prayed on all the Bisons gathered there.

All pumped up and hearts swelling with pride, the Bisons descended once again to the ground floor to sit together as a family and have their very own Christmas Meal at Assisi Bhavan. It was such a joy to have this special lunch together, at a home away from home. Lunch done, the Bisons now brought out the cake and this was cut by my darling, Sarvesh & the growing taller & getting more & more handsome each day, Donavan. After a pray and blessing of the cake and our Bisons Serve Medals, the cake was then served to all at Assisi Bhavan.


In the courtyard, the Bisons proudly gathered to get their medals pinned on by Gurinder. Such simple pleasures and the need to spread joy & happiness all around, made all the Bisons bond together at this ride. The usual photograph session done, the Bisons bid farewell to Assisi Bhavan, with a promise to return soon and with a prayer in our hearts to keep all the ladies & the nuns, in good health all through the year.


Thanksgiving : They say when you do charity, your left hand should not know what your right hand is doing. This thanks goes out to all at this Bisons Serve Ride, for all your contributions in way of monetary gifts, actual gifts, your time & energy invested in this ride, not only to make it a success but to show to the world what the term biker means and more importantly to make every Bison aware of his role in today’s society.