Bisons Serve 2014

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After the first ride of A4 at Panchgani Eco Camp on 29/30th November 2014, it was time for the Bisons to think about the mankind and the obligation of Selfless Service. The thought process to fulfill the promise to the Creator for selfless service was started over breakfast at the Jannat ride. Bison Derica and Franko were initiated to explore the destinations for the Bisons Serve ride. Christmas approaching fast it was suggested to
visit Christian Welfare Organization.  The detail planning would be undertaken on the next club meet on 7th Dec 2014.

An appeal was made to all by personally contacting maximum Bisons on phones to remain present on the club meet with their desired contribution. Those who could come gave their contributions and those who could not come sent their contribution though some friends. Some also paid it by account transfer to the ride captain. It was decided to visit the Handmaids of Blessed Trinity an Orphanage at Vasai. Bison Derica was announced as Ride Captain. Someone has to be the Santa Claus. Who could that be?


On 14th Dec 14, in all 30 Bisons with their families and kids, assembled at Fountain Hotel. Ashley the magician and his mother also were there. Ashley is a child now 16 years but has suffered a terrible disease which even is difficult to spell (HYPOGAMMAGLOBULINEMIA). He has been under treatment and needs to undergo blood transfusion every month. He has formed an organization to help children suffering from same disease. He has been a model for ads on TV and also performs magic shows. The earning from both these go to the charity to help fight this disease. He was specially invited for this ride to perform the magic show for the inmates of the orphanage. He would be paid for this so the money paid to him will also go to charity. Thus Bisons will serve two causes at one ride.

All had a good breakfast and were ready to ride. The Santa also attired himself with his bright red clothes and white beard.  It was a sight to see and Santa became centre of attraction. Not only Bisons but all beautiful girls, young and old, age no bar, wanted to have their snaps and selfies. Santa was just happy to pose with them all. Finally the ride started with 16 bikes and 3 cars. (16 riders, 5 pillions and 9 occupants in three cars.) The modern Santa was not on sleigh but on bullet with full face helmet.

The entourage reached the Handmaids of Blessed Trinity an Orphanage at Vasai at about 10.30am.  It was such a thrill to watch the excited children.  It took few minutes to set up the magic equipment. Till such time Santa was entertaining the inmates of the house. Christmas carols were being played on music system. The whole atmosphere was charged with energy and happiness. The magician was ready by then and he created rabbits and flowers and what not from his hat. The show went on and was followed by Santa offering sweets and gifts on behalf of the club to the children.  From the contribution received gifts such as toys exercise books compass boxes crayons ball pens and refills etc was purchased gift wrapped and distributed. The group photos with all were taken and the function ended with a vote of thanks to all.



The president then collected all of us together and about 23000/= rupees were handed over to the magician’s trust. Thus the day was well spent by selfless service. The joy we saw in the eyes of the inmates of the orphanage cannot be penned down in words but it did give every one of us the satisfaction of fulfilling the obligation to the society in which we exit. May God bless them all.