A Visit to Paa

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The monsoons have finally arrived in Mumbai and it was time for the Bisons to gear up for a monsoon tide this month. When the initial mails were sent announcing this ride, the destination…Bhimashankar, home of Lord Shiva, brought back fond & some hilarious memories for most of the Bisons, as this was the first ride for the then newly formed club…Bisons Ride Hard. So the registrations began & it grew to such large numbers, totaling to 43, making this the biggest club ride in the history of the Bisons….

Bisons' lineup

Saturday 13th June, began on a wet & gloomy note…but the Bisons were not worried. The bikers slowly started rolling to the Thane starting point. The proud but a little nervous (and who would not be seeing such a huge group) Captain was Suresh Chandran aka Gawaiya (minus the guitar…). Chai was ordered, roll call taken and it was time for the Bisons to thunder down the highway…..


Bisons Ready to roll

All Hail the Captain - Gawaiya

All Hail the Captain – Gawaiya

Before the departure, Bison Chachi was awarded her dog tag…..and proudly presenting same to her was Bison Sir Magic Eye. The ever smiling & shy Chachi was very excited indeed!!

Like all rides, this one too had its share of fun moments…when the riders riding in the rain & excited to hug the curves of Malshej ghats, missed the breakfast destination. But it seems nothing could spoil their mood, as thanks to Saifu, they happily turned around and rode back to the hot spot selected for breakfast that day.

And we're ready to thump

All meal times with the Bisons are amazing. Penning it down will really not help, as you have to be there to believe it. It’s a food riot, each & every time. One of the Bisons favourite spots, this was Jai Hanuman Dhaba just before the Malshej Ghats could start. So the wet but hungry Bisons, gorged on bhurji, egg masala/roti, vada pav, garma garam bhajiyas and never ending cups of sweetened chai.

Saathi haath badhana!

Garma garam bhajiya


One hunger satisfied, the Bisons then rose to the challenge of capturing the ghats and had a blast. Given the weather conditions & bad patches on the highway, the Bisons missed their lunch break & ending up reaching the resort by 5 pm. The days halt was at a beautiful resort at Bhimashankar, called Blue Mormon. Nestled amongst the mountains of Bhimashankar, this cute resort had lovely red colour cottages which had warm and inviting rooms. Waiting for us was a lip smacking lunch & inviting glasses of chilled chaas. Lunch was greedily wolfed down, rooms allotted & the riders headed out to rest for a while before the evening session could start.

Image J

The Bison family gathered around in the evening to welcome the aspiring Bisons for a fun filled & a learning experience where bikes are concerned. Dinner followed & the riders returned to their rooms tired but excited to visit Lord Shiva ‘s temple in the morning. Sunday 14th June was another rainy day. After a hearty breakfast, the Bisons hopped on to their bikes & rode in the pouring rain to visit the Lord and take his Blessing. Post this visit, the riders saddled up & started to head back home…..

Image K

Image L

Image M

Lunch halt was again at Jai Hanuman Dhaba, where the proud Captain handed over the well-deserved & earned ride medals to all……This is one moment all the Bisons wait for & you could see the pride on the faces of the aspiring Bisons as well. The ride was officially closed at Kalyan…..


………….what a way to spend the weekend with the Bison family, getting blessings from Lord Shiva and enjoying the first rains of the season……take care all of you & God Bless…..