Soul Curry

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Awe-inspiring scenery filled with quintessential landscape where you will meet the Mother Nature face to face and find few words to describe her magnificence. Yes!! The July’15 ride started with a joyful morning under the cloudy shadows to one of the exuberance places in Konkan called Dapoli.

Thirty Bisons and a few wannabe Bisons charged up to Dapoli on 18th Jul’15. The participating riders & the co-riders assembled at one of the most famous vada pav centres at Panvel called Dattaguru Snacks at 6.15am, energized themselves with vadapav & chai. The ride captain Bison BAla assigned numbering for the riders & pre-ride briefing was done.

Soon the ride rolled on and everybody seemed to enjoy the ride under the cool weather. Our first halt was around 9ish to have breakfast & refresh ourselves at Vadkalnakha.


The fun begins here itself…One of the riders called Anant forgot to take the bullet key with him while he departed for his breakfast. As a thumb rule of Bisons, one should never avoid the bullet key anytime and here it goes..The sweet punishment for the irresponsibility was some “lovely situps” in the same worn safety attires. There he christened as “key” for Bisons.

Some roads were smooth as butter where as some were really pathetic due to heavy rain fall of the season. On our way the hillsides blanketed with dark greeneries and rivers in shimmering hues gave a perfect scenic overlook which enthralled us deep down into beauty of the nature. The enthusiastic shutterbug Saifu was ready with his SLR to capture the golden views.



We reached around 5pm in the eve to our destination called Sagar Hill Resort & welcomed with a glass of “aam pan”. The hill, the green fields, awesome sea view and the blue sky made a combination that made us to feel something out of the world. The evening was spent in the rooms being allotted at hotel after the lunch. All the riders and co-riders checked into their respective rooms and a handful of photography enthusiasts went to capture the sea view sunset & explore the surrounding places.

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Basic Motorcycle Repair Class: It is always good to know how to fix small repairs on your motorcycle without any help. We had a session of demonstration on removal &re- installation of the rear wheel by our own fellow riders under the supervision of our great multi-talented leader cum mechanic Paaji followed by a technical tutorial. Indeed, this session was very helpful for the absolute beginners who had never done this before. The chai & coffee was served as a refreshment along with.

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Here comes an Interaction session. Some riders were announced to be given their pre-membership into Bisons world & for the new riders a briefing intro was carried out. Durgaprasad’s intro was as good as Kapil’s comedy night. A rejuvenating talk which made all of us have a “LOL”.
Saifu briefed about upcoming plans of the ride as well as Anniversary ride plans. Parallelly the plates with full of crispy potato chips & boiled eggs were served to thoroughly enjoy the drizzles falling there.

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So much for a quiet dinner. Having said that, the food served was ultimate. The mouthwatering konkan style fish curry along with the delicious dinner made us to full ourselves.
The breakfast was at 8.15am next morning and everybody was there for a breakfast of Kanda poha & Egg bhurji following which ride captain announced that we should be ready and leave by 9ish. And so it was! All saddled-up at 9.00 am. Ride captain Bala & Paaji distributed the ride badges to all the riders & co-riders.
The Bisons thundered down the hill to the road for a group photograph and then began the return ride.
Here it goes, One of fellow riders rear tyre went flat. Fortunately the puncture repair shop was not very far. But pushing a Royal Enfield is no fun when you have a flat tyre! Our great Paaji rode the bullet carefully to the repair shop & got it fixed through a mechanic. Meantime rest of Bisons were up at nearby Petrol pump waiting for Paaji to join us with repaired bull. This clearly shows riding is brotherhood, love and caring for each other. Parallellyit gives a lesson to the riders to ensure that the motorcycle’s tires and tubes are well maintained before embarking the journey.

Bisons Ride Hard Family

Our next halt was near Talegaon for re grouping. A quick lunch ordered by Derick & Saifu there in hotel with Konkan’s most famous “soul curry”. Post lunch Paaji asked the ride captain to lead via alternate route since the highway was loaded with traffic jam. All the riders saddled up & reached Toll Naka before Uran for the formal closure of Dapoli ride. It was fun riding in the rains.
Every rider has to be disciplined in a group ride because if one breaks the rule or ride on the wrong side or drive rashly, it will cost him his life and that of others too. We always teach new comers how to ride safely without any competition, no high-speed, and no rash riding. Riding is not only to ride on the road but it’s the brotherhood; it’s family, its friendship and much more than that. We are all of different ages, different professions, different language, different religion, different opinion, and one thing we have in common is riding and that’s the thing that unites us, a chance to connect with our self.

Happy riding 🙂