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The club is not for the weak or faint hearted. Like Bisons we don’t stop at nothing. But we stop for someone!

We ride & we RIDE HARD when it rains, when the roads are bad or even when there are none! And especially when they have no destination to reach! The club is about the beast in everyone, and not just the bullet we ride. Because the soulful unity between the two is what makes a true rider – a Bison!

Bisons would be the first motorcycling club to have its own charter; which is being drafted.

Our Belief and Pledge

We, the riders, having solemnly resolved to ride as Bisons would do so as RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS of India; by FOLLOWING THE LAWS OF THE LAND, showing RESPECT to FELLOW RIDERS.

We, pledge to educate others on SAFE RIDING; guard and protect the WEAK; show COURAGE and DETERMINATION always; LEAD by EXAMPLE; respect all RELIGIONS AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY; and promote SOCIAL WELL-BEING and UPLIFTMENT.

We, the Bisons while exploring all that INDIA and the WORLD has to offer commit to RIDING HARD no matter how harsh the conditions; cherish the JOURNEY, and not the destination; and show THE WAY TO LIVE.