Membership Rules

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For reference, any aspiring Bison is referred to as a candidate.

Becoming an Interim Member

  • To become an interim member, a rider has to complete a minimum of two overnight rides.
  • A rider may be told to complete more rides if the managing committee feels so
  • An interim member is entitled to forum access, and an exclusive email ID.
  • An interim member however is NOT entitled to sport Bison colors (T-shirts, flag, dog tags etc.)

Criteria to attain complete Bison membership:

  • A member has to be an Interim Member before applying for complete membership. Read above on becoming an interim member
  • Minimum 3 (THREE) overnight rides. (Will not include charity rides or one day rides!)
  • The minimum of five overnight rides (2 for interim membership + 3 subsequently) need to be completed during a period of 18 months.
  • Membership will be achieved by based on the sole discretion of managing committee of Bisons Ride Hard.

Without a Bison membership, candidates can however attend club meetings or any events or get-togethers.

Once membership is achieved, Bison is expected to complete following steps:

  1. Purchase of Bisons kit.
  2. Introductory mail to the forum along with the experience write up of riding with Bisons.
  3. Feedback Form for the club.
  4. Content for the rider profile.

Retention of membership

Bisons will have to comply with the following rules to retain membership, failing which their membership would be suspended / revoked and the candidate will have to follow the normal process of becoming a Bison again in case of a membership revocation.

  • Bisons will have to do a minimum of 2 rides every calendar year. In case a Bison fails to do a minimum of 2 rides any year due to personal reasons, the Bison would be expected to contribute to a social cause in kind or spirit in a manner suitable to the Bison or help organizing ground activities for club rides.
  • Club meetings are mandatory for all Bisons. In case a bison is not able to make it for a club meet, prior intimation to the General is appreciated.
  • Bison’s will wear the club badge for all club rides and meeting.
  • A Bison cannot be part of any other motor cycling club.
  • A Bison can ride only as a guest with other clubs, and will have to wear the Bisons club badge/T shirt for such rides.
  • A Bison will not treat members of any other club with animosity and any demeaning or unwarranted competitive attitude.
  • All Bison’s will strive towards the upliftment and betterment of the club and the riding community as a whole.
  • If a Bison intentionally puts his and others safety at risk in any form (drinking and riding, rash riding etc) will be expelled immediately.
  • A member cannot and will not engage himself or encourage others to illegal substances and contraband during any club activity (rides, events or club meets etc)
  • Members who create disturbances in the functioning of the club, would be treated with harshness and would cease to be members; and would be communicated by the club President. Reasons may be shared on the sole discretion of the President.
  • Those indulging in creating disharmony among club members would be immediately chucked out without giving reasons.

The President has the sole rights to revoke / suspend membership or bar anyone from the club for life without having to provide reasons. In case of a suspension, the nature of suspension and the duration of suspension will be at the sole discretion of General. Such a decision would be considered final and non revocable. 

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Thanks for your interest. Just drop a howdy to 2stroke at bisonsridehard dot com and we’ll take it from there.