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About Adnan

“Riding a RE bullet is always a pleasure to him.

The hard core THUMP, wide open road and miles away destinations are always a story when you kick start your BULL. It’s an awesome felling when people stop and give a back look to the good thumping machine.

Bullet needs care like a pet, if you keep casual approach towards its maintenance its surely going to show you hell.

Quote: When I Turn my Bike ON.. She turns me the Favour!!”

Bikes Owned

Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 350cc

Memorable Rides

Ride memories are in millions, if made to share the web will go dead so instead will share some good ones and some that were for a cause.

It was on the day of “World Kidney Day”.  Almost 42 riders gathered for ride organized by Narmada Foundation “”Save your Kidney & Heart.”” we rode towards Bandra to Kalina along with one doctor as a pillion holding banners to spread awareness among people. Doctors briefed people with required information and invited then for a counselling session held on the same day !!”