Amit Mundra

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About Amit aka Tubeless

Who is he? . . . Is he a Spider-Man. Wait, no, that was a movie! . . . . . He would rather be would described as stable in his career and goal-oriented. He enjoys making people laugh also tries to strike a meaningful conversation.

He never thought he could even drag a bullet, lot alone ride it. After months of struggle about choosing bikes, he finally decided to buy a TB only to be surprised by his wife, who had already booked a bike for him and this came in as her gift to him. Till the date of the delivery of his bike, he thought, how would he ever ride a Bull, but it was an instant cocktail of blood and oil and today he rides with pride his Iron Horse.

Bikes Owned

Bullet Classic 500 Desert Storm – aka IRON HORSE

Memorable Rides

His most memorable ride was Hedvi, 2011 as it was the first long ride ever on his IRON HORSE and with Bisons. The thrill of riding in a group and seeing an amazing line of bikers along with you, itself makes the ride memorable.