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About Yardlee aka Amrrutraj aka Chemical Locha

During his childhood his uncle used take him for ride on his Bullet. He used sit on the tank and later on the pillion seat. He enjoyed sitting there on the tank and felt Royal riding on it. The thump it generated, people used to take notice of them while they were passing by. Since then he had the fascination of buying a Bullet sometime in his life. When time came to buy his first bike though he had the fascination of having a Bullet he did not have the courage to own one and got a Pulsar. A good friend of mine told him that he had been riding this plastic bike (Pulsar). It is this that made him think of getting a Bullet. After two years of ride the plastic bike he decided to sell it and go for a Bull.

At first he thought of getting a second hand Bull. His search for getting a GOOD condition bike lasted nearly two months with no success. It was then he decided that he would go for a new one. Now he has been riding my Thunderbird TS for three years and really delighted riding and his dream since childhood has come true. He has lot of memories with his Bull. He has not christened his Bull yet. Any suggestions?

Bikes Owned

ThunderBird Twinspark (TBTS) 2009

Memorable Rides

Kamshet 2010

Mumbai-Delhi-Ladakh 2010

ROF 2010

Mumbai-Pune-Amboli Ghat 2010

Rajmachi 2010

Mumbai-Satara-Thoseghar 2009