Anand and Shwetha

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About Anand and Shwetha

Scorpion King – Husband’s pride & Wife’s envy . This is how they could simply put it and Anand is pretty sure Shwetha couldn’t agree more on this. Riding this 350CC beast since 2001 and the love for this machine has only been rising exponentially for both of them. They Anand has done a number of solo rides earlier, but the rides have been even more interesting ever since Shwetha joined him on his rides, her maiden ride being the ride to Dang-the forest adventure. Since then, her bonding with the Bisons has been much more than Anand’s and this has only added to their enthusiasm. She loves the fact that there is so much discipline and so much care taken for the safety of fellow riders. Many a times, she’s the the one telling him, “I can’t see the headlight of the rider behind.. Please stop”.

For them, the bike has given them a taste of freedom, and Bisons, an opportunity to explore India with their Oil brothers. They look forward to exploring many more regions and hope to clock many more miles to conquer this world! A big Salute to all Royal Enfield riders from the happiest and probably the cutest couple in this mad family called Bisons!

Bikes Owned

2001 Bullet Electra – ‘Scorpion king’

Memorable Rides

Anand has done some very memorable solo rides like Slippery Bhandardara in the rains, Gruesome Rajmachi, All Fun Mumbai-Ooty
‘Ridermania’, Shirdi, Gadda-mania or the popular Lohe ki G%#nd …and the list goes on. Together, they have enjoyed and bonded over the Hedvi Beach ride, the Mahabaleshwar twists and turns and the Chikoo Shake ride to Bordi!


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