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About Bala aka Question

Bala aka Question , is a reserved and silent guy till he starts his Questions which are considered tougher than those in KBC. However only different is, people answering his questions don’t get any money, they simply get some time to live their life in peace until the next question arrives. He considers himself as a very lucky guy to be born in such a family, where till now he is treated like a kid, and all his wishes are fulfilled the moments they arise in his mind..

Corner aka Raj, is his elder brother (His first riding guru, but whom he does not want to follow while cornering 🙂 ). Pallavi is his sister-in-law, whom he knows for more than 20 years and also his secret keeper.

Bala’s first ride on the highway was to Kolad in his R15 for river rafting. That’s also when he saw the Bisons and Bulls in Vashi. Thereafter with no looking back to low torque machines, His brother Raj got him a TBTS 350 in 2 days, and then the long awesome journey started with Bisons. And now he also owns a RE Classic 500cc.

When he started riding, he even did not even know how to change tyres, however after becoming a Bison, now he is knows many things about the bull and how to take care of it. He gives all the credit to his new family – The Bisons.

By profession, he is also bitten by the IT “bug for bucks”(™ by Question). Where he renders sincere services to his company by planning the next ride 😀 … Qualification , a masters degree holder, which is never useful in real life because they didn’t even teach him how to change a bulb in bullet.

“Respect elders, they might be old school. But they are the keepers of the true knowledge about Unconditional love”

Question to everyone, In this so called busy/fast/no-time world, did you ever take a second and think what you are running for?

And till the next question arrives….

Bikes Owned

RE Classic 500 (Musak)

Memorable Rides

Kolad (First highway ride, no stopping after that) – 2011
Chartiys Ride with Bisons – 2011 – Will go on …
Delhi (Rider Mania 12 or Dance-O-Mania ) – 2012
Ladakh (Ice candy) – 2012
Lonar (Gadda Mania) – 2012
Bordi (Ride Captain) – 2012
Jai Jawan – 2012
GOA – 2012

Many more countless rides with the Bisons to come ……. 🙂

Favourite Quote

Be GOD loving, not GOD fearing
Life is Beautiful
It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.