Deepti Kshrisagar

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About Deepti aka Droppy

She is an artist by instinct and a creative entrepreneur running a brand design consultancy. She loves travelling and has developed a passion for the riding thanks to Despo her life partner and dearest friend. She values independence in life and is thankful to God for being a part of a lovely family. An out and out foodie she will go to lengths and breadths to try those specific dishes. She loves reading too and cooking … She is generally high on life with her little daughter being the spark of her life. Happy to be tagged as a bison!

Bikes Owned

Classic 500, Desert Storm

Memorable Rides

Did two superb rides with Bisons both being superfantasticallithrilling ! But Kumbarli is closer to the heart as i had warmed up to bisons affection by then and ghats were unforgettable!