Dr. Ameya Moghe

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About Dr. Ameya aka Toothless

A born bull (zodiac sign = Taurus). He developed a liking towards the Royal Enfield even before he lost his milk teeth.. thanks to his neighbor and the garage next to his house. The constant thump of the bulls being serviced made his heart go dhak dhak dhak! Thats wen he decided that he was also gonna own one. Had to wait quite a bit for it..the first bike he owned as a TVS Victor at the age of 18 yrs.. coz.. His father kept reminding him what Uncle Ben (Spiderman’s Uncle) said…. “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Finally after proving it to his father that he had become responsible and worthy enough his dream came true. He got his own ┬áThunderBird Twinspark in August 2011. Since then their relationship started brewing he believes his bull has a split personality and hence gave 2 names – BattleCat (He-Man’s loyal Ride) and Toothless (A night fury dragon from ‘How to train your dragon’ series).

He is a Specialised Dental Surgeon (Periodontist) by Profession; maybe thats how he got the name TOOTHLESS. As far as hobbies go they include a wide variety – trekking, riding, photography, philately etc.

Just loves tea. His name means INFINI”TEA”. Anytime is tea-time for him. Among other things he loves singing songs (watch out for some shrieky tones and unheard songs) and doing mimicry. A humble fellow and a true taurean and aspiring to be a Great Rider and live up to being a Bison!

Bikes Owned

ThunderBird Twinspark (Battlecat / Toothless)

Memorable Rides

The Virgin Beach Ride – 2011

Bisons Serve – 2012

Nkf – Kidney Day Rally – 2012

Chickoo Shake – 2012