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About Gurinder Singh aka Paaji

Gurinder Singh as he is known in the club or even Paaji as people refer to him with regard, has been riding a bullet for over 9 years. After having ridden for so long and gaining astute understanding of this bike; he and a bunch of like minded riders started Bisons. Paaji is the face of the Bisons to the biking community in India. The club beliefs and motto are his brainchild and he hopes to nurture ridersĀ  and grow this community of Bisons.

Paaji likes to lead from the front; much the way our Army officers do; and usually there to lead the pack through treacherous routes and terrains.

Bikes Owned

Shree Vinayak Rath (AVL 500) and Ankush (Std 500)

Memorable Rides

We would have loved to put a list of Paaji’s memorable rides, but it seems Paaji has lost count of the number of rides he has done. For him, each and every ride has been memorable.