Lord FuseBox

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About Aditya Raj Kapoor aka Lord FuseBox

He has just decided to get back to his youth and complete his passion for adventure on 2 wheels. At the time of writing this he is 56 years old and wants to ride to stay firmly in the saddle for the next 20 years or so…is having chica fun.

His bike is called BabyBlue. He feels a bit of romance in life is required to keep the engine well oiled , hence the name. Is married. Firmly. Has two kids, a boy n a girl. Both are crazee and are actually working hard. His call sign was given cause BabyBlue blew 4 fuses on the Wild Flowers Ride. He carried 6 fuses!

His belief is that to enjoy life you gotta give up giving up.

“The race goes on….”(Messala in Benhur)

Bikes Owned

Classic 500cc. Royal Enfield. RE calls it Teal Green, I feel its turquoise, the Bike doesnt care and she’s named Baby Blue.

Memorable Rides

Mumbai-Lonavala-Mumbai…2012. Solo. in blinding rain and mist on the ghats. Blew my Ist fuse and the Sparks Service center-Harsh-taught me how to replace via sms. Needed to prove I could do it. Alone. Did

Wild Flowers 2012 – Got to know some fine people

Jai Jawan 2012- Got to know some more humility and respect for the soldiers

Face-Off 2012 -Became a Bison