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About Pawan

Pawan Pandey aka ”Major” as he is known amongst us is seasoned rider and has rightly earned the alias because of his riding skills and of course the thousands of miles he has under his belt.

As far as personal life goes … He prefers to take a cup of tea at lonavla after riding there from Mumbai then to take a stroll with a chick, and…. he feels like spending an hour with your Bullet Mech on a weekend will be more fruitful then killing your time watching a movie with a damsel….
He is riding the bull since last four years and has done a number of memorable rides of whom he mentions his Mumbai – Jaisalmer – Mumbai ride as the most exciting one, which was about 3000 Kms to and fro and filled with adventure, numb butts and of course multiple break downs and Learnings.

He believes in the saying ”Live the Day as If it were your Last” and lives upto it too.

Bikes Owned

Major rides a RE Standard 350 whom he calls Hellboy, probably because of Hard Hitting Thumps it produces while roaring on the roads…his riding style is not different then sailing of a boat in the ocean with no hurry at all and always ready to take the next stop after 100 miles atleast….that too to give some rest to his love…Hellboy.