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About Manu aka Hawk Eyes

He learnt biking at a young age of 13 ,in the year 1984 (in the city of Allahabad, where all good things happens early), and honed the skills of riding single or triple in college days in Lucknow living in hostel allowed him to experience different makes of bikes in those days when Rajdoots and Yezdis were at their fag ends, the Hondas and Kawasakis were making in roads. He developed a keen liking for the macho and muscular Royal Enfield though he rode thousands of kilometers of solo and group rides on Yezdi and Kawasaki , the love for Enfield remained hidden in the corner of his heart. Long trips on bike around Lucknow and neighboring cities with her lady love, made the bond stronger and he married Jhankar to be his life partner. They moved to Mumbai in 1995 and roamed the city of dreams on Kawasaki. The year 2006 brought a major change in his life when he finally fulfilled his teenage dream of owning a Royal Enfield, an AVL engine powered MACHISMO 500. At that age of 35 , the work and establishing his own architectural setup MJDS ,was still the main focus of his life so the rides were mostly leisure rides in and around city. Thumping of the roaring bull was still not fully explored and in the year 2012, the month of may the moment had come when he finally got a chance to ride with the BISONS. 40 HUGS to Mahabaleshwar and at 41 years of age it was just the beginning. He’s already tattooed and highway hungry, straights or corners its a passion now; engraved in his bones…

Bikes Owned

Machismo 500

Memorable Rides

Lucknow – Khajuraho -year 1992
Pathankoat – Himachal – year 1993
Coimbatore – Kochin -year 1994
And all the rides with the Bisons since 2012 and many more to come…