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About Swapnil aka Despo

He is a cool guy with a practical approach to life! An avid traveler and never the tourist, he loves to explore unknown destinations. Photography is his second love and is best at capturing people’s emotions, natural & raw ! Where roads challenge him, nature comforts

Riding happened to him by accident in literal terms. After a freaking accident in the lanes of Ladakh is when he decided to come back to this enchanting valley again on his own Machine ! That’s how Wolverine come into the family a year ago and he has been munching the road since then. Father of a 5 year old chatterbox daughter he dreams of turning her into a rider too! Loves to live life in a fast lane, he is a proud bison and riding for him is like a Nirvana!

Bikes Owned

Classic 500 Desert Storm – aka Wolverine

Memorable Rides

Gadha Mania(Lonar), was the first and the best ride till date. Made best of the buddies on this ride.
Face off (Kumbhari) , loved hugging the ghats.