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About Raj aka Corner

Raj (31) is married (don’t regret it ladies, there are many more desperate single men in the world); His biker friends call him “Corner” because he simply love the zig zag around steep corners. Words can’t explain the rush he experience when he takes these turns. Another reason why they may call him so might be for the lack of them in his anatomy.

His father is an automobile expert and so the love for automobiles is in his DNA.

He started his first ride when he was 14 in a Bajaj scooter; his first bike was victor when he was 18, second bike was tvs fx, third bike was karizma and now Classic 500. Recently, his brother bought a thunderbird too.

He is a nature lover so he is always on road with his car, but after his bike trip to KOLAD with friends and Bappa’s Pappa ride with Bisons now he is desperate to take his Classic on long trips whenever possible because he realized that riding is the one thing which can bring him so much closer to nature; he could feel the breeze and feel the mud, which I never could feel in his car driving!!

By profession he is an IT person, so any IT or non IT gadget he could be your help!! Like every engineer he is known to create problems and solve them deftly; while you stand back and get sufficiently impressed to show other non-existent problems to the “IT Guy”.

By passion he loves Riding, Driving and listening to Music and not just listening but he knows quite a bit about complete car Audio Video Music system installations.  So he would be more than happy to help his fellow Bisons who also love listening to music in their cars!! He has also been given the responsibility of installing a music system on every bike of the Bisons; so we could listen to songs like these:

Bikes Owned

Classic 500 (2010)

Thunderbird (2011)

Memorable Rides

First Ride to Kolad, Raigad

Bappa’s Pappa