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About Rashmi

Age: 18 (till she dies!)

Zodiac sign: Aquarius – Feb 2nd (you are supposed to wish her)

Hobbies: Reading (fiction), movies (any genre), music (hindi film music and western music where she can understand the lyrics!) and pottering around – doing some work or the other, she just can’t sit still!

Like: Kids and animals (Kids not attended to would be sold to the circus)

Dislike: Anything said or done against kids and animals

Live by: Change is constant and Live and let live

Besides the above, everything’s changed over the course of time! For one she was never a rider before her friends – Deelux (Bison) and Amit (Inddiethumper) introduced her to this world of Bullets. And today if she misses a ride she kicks herself real hard! We say don’t be so hard on yourself; let us do the kicking!

Her first tryst with the Royal Enfield was on the Asthvinayak ride last year where after a day of riding she had sworn her arse off to never ever sit on a Bullet again! But the next morning, it was a different experience all together. She not only enjoyed the ride back but promised to be part of more rides.

With Bisons ride hard, she has ridden to Dang and been on the NKF ride. Both the times on Thor – Deelux being incidental! The things that affect her the most on rides is the brotherhood that she has witnessed among the Bisons and the fact that every ride rejuvenates her and tells her a story.

Memorable Rides

Rallies for social causes

Aao Maara Desh Ma

Gaddha Mania 2012