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About Sam

Samarth aka Sam has always been into automobiles his room was full of miniature models and posters of the latest car and mobike known to mankind at that time. His affair with Royal Enfield started at the age of 15 when he rode his cousin’s Standard Bullet. There was an instant connection between him and Him. The bull was the mediator. Since then he dreamt of owning one.

He had to work his way up to earn his first RE at the age of 23, passing through Victor and then Pulsar in order to convience his parents that his passion for the two wheels is unstoppable.

The next level for him was to find like-minded people to go for rides. His life changed when he met a set of mad individuals aka Bisons shown in this website in the earlier club. Since then he has dedicated himself to his Bull he calles “”Ashwamegh””, as it owns the land and road everywhere it goes, and the club.

You can spot Sam and his bull with the trademark LED lights, distinctive exhaust sound and double back-rest.

Bikes Owned

Royal Enfield Thunderbird (Ashwamegh)

Memorable Rides

Ahmedabad – MumbaiĀ  – 2009
Kumbharli – 2009
Kelve -2008, 2010
Mumbai- Pune Every weekend -2011
Nashik – 2009
Panhala -2011
Mahabaleshwar -2011
…And many more to come”