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About Rakesh aka Silencer

Recognized as SILENCER among the group of bison’s, Rakesh is the logistics Head in a Pharma Company, the only obsession since his childhood was to be an Automobile Engineer and to own a sports bike or a car.

Could not afford to be the engineer but proved to be a good son and a good Brother in his family. Holds no regrets, and is very happy that his family is well settled. Got married 7 years back, has a lovely wife and blessed with a beautiful daughter in his life. A complete family man but always found something missing. One fine day on the way to his office, heard an astonishing firing sound of a bullet which left a mark on his soil and finally decided to buy one. His dream came true on 3rd March, 2012. But then what? The only thought that came to mind was riding with like minded fellow riders who earned their bullet after striving for it a lot. That’s where he is now. A proud member of BISONS RIDE HARD (Bullet Club of Mumbai).

Went for the 1st ride with the speed of 40-55 kmph and came back from the ride at 100- 110 kmph. Baptized by the name SILENCER but doesn’t match to his personality (That’s what his loving wife says). The idea of getting another bike never crossed his mind saying ‘Boys rides bikes…….. MEN RIDE ONLY A BULLET’.

Birth date: 29.01.1978

Birth sign: Aquarian

Nature: Very loving and caring. Loves to be loved by his loved ones. Passionate of riding hard and riding hard with challenges. Never speaks unless necessary. But his silence kills. Rarely smiles. (Don’t even remember when he laughed the last time). Loves to learn about bikes in and out.

Bikes Owned


Memorable Rides

Jai Jawan Ride – August 2012
Faceoff – Kubharli Ghat – August 2012