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About the First Lady

Life takes on a whole different meaning when you hit the highways. She has been on so many rides that it makes it very difficult for her to distinguish between all these rides. The places differ…..Goa, Ooty, Rajasthan …. the number of riders on each ride differs, but what makes all these rides memorable for her is the fantastic memories that she has started to cherish long after the rides are over because it is the connection that she has made with so many beautiful riders like yourselves, in our land of Bisons.

Yes she has been riding for a very long time now (a happy co-rider of course) with your gorgeous, sinfully good looking & very very modest GenSingh (please note the sarcasm here) !!! The highlight of her life was when our club, BISONS was formed. It made her sit up with pride and now she longs to convert all her cherished memories into some kind of force that will make others realize the true colours of what a Bison is made up of.

Since you all know of her through rides only, here’s a brief glimpse of what your First Lady is like. Zodiac sign -LEO but not true to my sign being on the cusp. She claims to be very docile & soft spoken. She make friends very fast and maintains her friendship over the years. She absolutely hates social networking sites and feels that if her friends know all that they need to know about her, there is no need to publish their entire lives on these sites.

She loves cooking, especially bakes and another obsession of hers, is reading. In fact, life could not get better with a great combination like this (a BISONS ride + great food / great company + a good book) and the ride just continues with the highways never ending!

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