Yeda Anna

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About Haresh aka Yeda Anna

He is known as Yeda Anna is very fond of vada pav, trekking, and enjoying mother nature. He is usually waiting for weekends to hit the high way; and other times he is found eating either vada pav or trying to sucker others into eating vada pav from non-descript stalls across Mumbai.

He even looks like a vada pav, and there is serious contention whether to continue calling him Yeda Anna or Vada Anna.

Either which way, for someone who travels across the city for just vada pav; he can only be called a Yeda!

Haresh is a loving father and husband. His daughters are Shikha and Metaali .

Bikes Owned

Bullet Electra

Memorable Rides

‘Vada pav rides’

Parhala fort